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Sarcity operates under the authority and direct support of the San Bernardino County Sheriff and Cal EMA. Recent changes now require that Sarcity registration observe government affiliation attendance restrictions. All attendee’s and Instructors at Sarcity must be an active or retired member or affiliate member of a verifiable Governmental agency. This includes Law enforcement, Fire, EMS, and SAR. No "independent" SAR teams, organizations, or individuals are permitted. Please insure that on your registration form you list the government agency and supervisor contact information so that membership or affiliation can be verified.

All attendee’s must show valid agency ID.

If your not sure of your affiliation status please contact us so we may make a determination

SAR City runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the second weekend of October. Registration opens Friday at 3:00 p.m. in front of the gym with classes starting at 1800 to 2100; continuing Saturday from 0800 to 1730 and Sunday from 0800 to 1200.

SARCity is celebrating it's 42nd year this October 10th, 11th and 12th, 2014. There will be lots of new classes, while still offering the basics for those just getting into search and rescue. For those who have not heard of, or had the opportunity to attend SARCity, let me give you a short synopsis. SARCity is put on by the Barstow Desert Rescue Squad, in conjunction with the San Bernardino County Sheriff, OES, Barstow College and the over 100 instructors who volunteer their time and expertise. Over fifty classes are offered,some last an hour, others can go the whole weekend. Four excellent meals are provided,and for the weekend tent camping or motor home space is provided or stay at a motel within a couple miles. A Saturday night program starts with a barbeque, a special guest presentation, followed by a huge raffle. You will not find a better training experience at any level than here. Team participation is encouraged and we discount for five or more members. For specific questions please contact us.


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Take I15 North (towards Las Vegas); exit Barstow Road, turn right onto Barstow Road and proceed approximately 1 1/2 miles south. Barstow Community College is on the right hand side. Registration is located at the front of the College Gym.